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Since there are hundreds of different breeds of pigeons and many thousands of breeders around the world, these pages are intended to open only a small window into the rich world of pigeon fanciers.


Pigeons are bred to accentuate a specific feature or a combination of charicteristics. Breeders manipulate planned matings (forced marriages) between domesticated pigeons in order to produce and emphasize the desired traits.

Wattled Carrier Pigeon

Some pigeons are bred for their flight capabilities, such as summersaulting in the air or reaching high altitudes at great speeds. Some are cutlivated in order to enhance homing instincts, fancy feathering, coloring, or beak structure. In some cases a pigeon 'type' is developed that includes more than one distinct characteristic.

Examples of Pigeon Breeds

Following is a sampling of some of the special breeds of pigeons:

helmet pigeons with black Israeli tumbler
Helmet pigeons - white body with black cap - and black Israeli tumbler among them
basraer wammentauben in center
Basraer Wammentauben
english nun
English Nun
indian fantail
Indian Fantail
romanian tumbler
Romanian Tumbler
colored head koningsberger
Colored Head Koningsberger
danish tumbler
Danish Tumbler
exhibition homer
Exhibition Homers
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