Videos Part 1: The Life of a Baby Pigeon

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In the Beginning

May 2nd - May 18th

On May 2nd a mother pigeon laid the first of two eggs.

The mother and father pigeons took turns sitting on the eggs for a period of about 16 to 18 days - the typical period for incubation for pigeon eggs.


May 4th  


The mother lays the second egg on May 4th. Typically pigeons lay two eggs within a one to two day period. Their nests are flimsy.

Video is 12 seconds

ranking starsranking stars (A short video showing the mother pigeon climbing onto her eggs)



May 19th

One egg hatches some time on May 18th. Pigeons are born blind, as you can see in the video.

In the beginning both parents sit on the new squab. It looks like the mother is not willing to leave the baby unprotected - but eventually she goes to look for food and leaves the baby under the father's supervision.

The father is not as concientious as the mother. The slightest noise sends him flying.

Video is 13 seconds

ranking starsranking stars (Short and sweet - no action but interesting)



Newborn pigeon blind May 19
Click here to view video

May 20th

In just one short day the baby pigeon starts to change color. The underlying skin changes from pinky to black. The feathers also change from pink fluff to wheat colored hairs.

Still blind, the baby doesn't move around much but - as you can see in the video - when in trouble the squab works hard to solve problems by itself.

During the first few days the mother continues to sit on the baby to keep it warm and protect it.

Video is 43 seconds

ranking starsranking stars (The baby is not very active, but you see the changes in just a few days)


Baby pigeon day 2 Click here to view video


Young Pigeon's First Steps - A Learning Process

May 22nd - 5 days old


At this stage the baby tries to walk.

You see in this video that it uses its wings for balance.

Video is 48 seconds

ranking starsranking starsranking stars(Shows development)



Baby Pigeon May 22

b2 Click here to view video

May 23rd - 6 days old

Excited at the prospect of food, the baby pecks wildly at its mother - but the mother is tired and not keen to feed.

The baby looks gawky. Its neck, without feathers, appears long and gangly. The squab is now too big to fit comfortably under the mother and is left alone more often.

Video is 40 seconds

ranking starsranking starsranking starsranking stars(Baby is very active)


Mother and baby
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May 26th


In three short days the baby already developed new feathers - with patches of soft white on its head and back. There is not much action in this video, but we see how the baby is changing.

Video is 56 seconds

ranking starsranking stars(Very little activity but you see marked changes in baby's feathers)



The Father Pigeon Takes Over

June 1st - 2nd - Almost 2 weeks old  
Baby pigeon with wheat on ground
Still Picture

Baby pigeon with wheat left by the father
Still Picture

June 1st - The father dropped seeds on the ground to teach the baby to eat. The seeds are usually partially digested. For a long time the baby ignores the seeds.

June 2nd - The baby finally tried to eat the seeds, but this baby pigeon still prefers crop milk and only nibbles.


June 3rd

Two more days pass and the baby is looking more like a little pigeon - but there are still tufts of brown hair tucked between the feathers.

The baby is not yet ready to fly, but is much more active. You can see in this video how agitated the baby is while waiting for the father to come.

Video is 1 minute 16 seconds

ranking starsranking starsranking stars(Moderately Interesting - shows stretching excercises)




Baby pigeon June 3
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June 6th

Three days later, early morning, the young pigeon is waiting anxiously for breakfast. We see in the video how the squab senses that the father is close by and becomes very excited. When the father arrives he feeds the youngster.

Video is 1 minute

ranking starsranking starsranking starsranking stars(Interesting - Father feeds the young squab)




Pigeon father feeding the squab
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Learning to Fly

June 8th - getting ready to fly

The squab is now about 3 weeks old and is approaching the age when it should learn to fly.

This process includes stretching and exercising its wings while it anxiously waits for the father. The young pigeon does not make its first flight without the father beside it.

Video is 52 seconds

ranking starsranking starsranking stars(Moderately interesting - shows how the squab is preparing to learn how to fly)



June 8th - Return

Unfortunately we did not catch the very first take off. However, we were lucky to catch the squab and father's return from the first attempt.

The level of excitement that you see in the video speaks for itself.

Video is 1 minute 13 seconds

ranking starsranking starsranking starsranking starsranking stars(Interesting - squab has left the nest for the first time)




Baby pigeon with father after first flight
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June 9th

As we watch the father with the squab we realize that the father must continue to coax the young pigeon into flying again.

The father stimulates it with food and then leaves - hoping that the youth will follow...

Video is 3 minutes 15 seconds

ranking starsranking starsranking starsranking starsranking stars(Very interesting - father clearly has a strategy in mind)



Father pigeon feeds young squab
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June 11th

The squab is excited about the new world of flying - but is still not ready to go out on its own.

In this video we can see the young pigeon's excitement when the father comes to entice it into flight - but when it comes to taking off....

Video is 1 minute 55 seconds

ranking starsranking starsranking starsranking starsranking stars(Worth watching!)





June 17th

Eventually, as we knew it would, the day comes when the young pigeon finds the confidence to fly all by itself.

This nest is almost empty... but don't worry - the parents are already busy with two new eggs just one short meter away (on the other side of the window ledge)...

Video is 41 seconds

ranking starsranking starsranking starsranking starsranking stars(Interesting - first solo flight)


Young pigeon first solo flight
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More Videos...

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